TrueFit® provides a unique experience in fitness training. We are a small and friendly gym that focuses on your needs as an individual.

Principles of Training: All our programmes are periodised over 12-16 weeks and are based around functional strength training that focuses on developing quality of movement in all the foundational patterns; push, pull, hip hinge, knee dominant, core, level changes and gait. Alternate exercises and programme adjustments are available for those who have injuries or other needs that require addressing.

Small Group Training: Fitness training with a friend can be really fun. Bring someone along with similar fitness goals as yourself to create a friendly yet competitive training environment that can make your personalized sessions fly by. Another advantage is that you can split costs with others to make your training more affordable! Please inquire about custom group training rates.

We have a limited number of private access gym memberships which include 24 hour access with three levels of training programmes available.

Level 1: Conditioning: This programme is aimed at those wishing to develop general fitness goals and includes integration of functional strength training with cardiovascular fitness. The focus of this programme is on learning foundation exercises with good technique while improving the cardiovascular system.

Level 2: HIT (High Intensity Training): This programme continues to develop the foundation exercises and includes more advanced training techniques. All exercises are based around functional strength with the integration of both endurance and interval training techniques to improve function and performance.

Level 3: Performance Training: How are you training for your sport? Do you know your weak points? Is a lack of stamina or strength affecting your performance? Are imbalances, poor posture or reoccurring injuries holding you back from being a better athlete? What muscle groups are key for your sport? Do you have a mindset, work ethic and confidence to be a great athlete? These questions and more will be answered when training with our TrueFit® Performance Programme. This programme is aimed at our athletes who compete in a range of events. These include running, dirt bike racing, mountain biking, white water kayaking, snow sports. Police and fire fitness eligibility test and many other sports. This programme is designed for those with good foundation in functional exercise and high fitness level. It includes advanced exercises and training techniques.

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Wendy Hill and Kate Bone are the co-owners (since October 2017) at TrueFit®.

Please visit us at 1204 Haupapa Street, Rotorua.

Call or text Kate on 0275 414 699 to arrange an initial appointment to view the gym, or send an email to Kate.