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TrueFit® provides a unique experience in fitness training. We are a small and friendly gym that focuses on your needs as an individual.

TrueFitness offers both training and nutrition services that can be used separately or in combination. Initial phone consultations are FREE. Please call Sue on 027 279 5357 or email info@truefit.co.nz to set up an appointment to get your questions answered.

Private Access Gym:
We have a limited number of private access gym memberships - $495 per year. These include 24/hour access with three levels of training programmes available. 

TrueFit® Training Programmes

Level 1: Conditioning:  This programme is aimed at those wishing to develop general fitness goals and includes and integration of functional strength training with cardiovascular fitness.  The focus of this programme is on learning foundation exercises with good technique while improving the cardiovascular system.
Level 2: HIT (High Intensity Training):  This programme continues to develop the foundation exercises and includes more advanced training techniques.  All exercises are based around functional strength with the integration of both endurance and interval training techniques to improve function and performance.

Level 3: Performance Training: How are you training for your sport? Do you know your weak points? Is a lack of stamina or strength affecting your performance? Are imbalances, poor posture, or reoccurring injuries holding you back from being a better athlete? What muscle groups are key for your sport?  Do you have the mindset, work ethic, and confidence to be a great athlete?  These questions and more will be answered when training with our TrueFit Performance Programme. 

This programme is aimed at our athletes who compete in a range of events.  These include dirt bike racing, mountain biking, white water kayaking, snow sports, Police and Fire Service fitness eligibility test and many other sports.  This programme is designed for those with a good foundation in functional exercise and high fitness level.  It includes advanced exercises and training techniques.

Principles of Training:
All our programmes are periodised over 12-16 weeks and are based around functional strength training that focuses on developing quality of movement in all the foundational patterns; push, pull, hip hinge, knee dominant, core, level changes and gait.  Alternate exercises and programme adjustments are available for those who have injuries or other needs that require addressing.

TrueFit® Private Training

Private Training: Our private gym training provides pesonalisation and attention to detail.  We work with a diverse range of clientele from school-children through to professional athletes. The foundation for progress is in making changes in how you exercise, how you eat, and how you live (lifestyle).

Since there are 168 total hours in a week and you might exercise for only 3-5 of these, how you eat and how you live are major factors in progress versus staying the same. At TrueFit you will be coached on all aspects to promote progress in both the short and long term.

Looking better and feeling great are the two main reasons why people consider exercise. Your body needs the right incentive to change for the long-term. Those with movement issues and low functional strength levels will have a physique that reflects this. One of the primary catalysts for sustainable body transformation is getting STRONGER. Your favorite athlete or fitness model doesn’t have a nice physique as a consequence of starving themselves, (aka dieting).

Their physique is a byproduct of their long-term training consistency and their performance level. It’s time to stop dieting and wasting time with ineffective exercise and start focusing on attaining a consistently higher level of functional performance.

Resistance training is an important ingredient necessary to change your strength and performance level, and in turn, the way you look. For both men and women, functional training combined with sound nutrition and lifestyle practices is the best path to a new and improved you!

Small Group Training: Fitness training with a friend can be really fun. Bring someone along with similar fitness goals as yourself to create a friendly yet competitive training environment that can make your personalised sessions fly by. Another advantage is that you can split costs with others to make your training more affordable!  Please inquire about custom group training rates.





TrueFit® Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
At TrueFit we provide a comprehensive nutrition service.   Our nutrition programmes are individualised and based in science. We specialise in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Test Don’t Guess is our philosophy. We only work with nutrition clients who are prepared to undergo relevant testing. This begins with blood and adrenal tests and may include other tests as required. Our nutrition programmes are targeted at those who are serious about improving their well-being through high quality nutrition, life-style and exercise.


Initial Free Consultation

Initial phone consultations are FREE. Please call Sue on 027 279 5357 or email info@truefit.co.nz to set up an appointment to get your questions answered.




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